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classify creation science ibooks (ebooks) under religion, not life science

Apple's ibook publishing process seems to naively trust the authors to properly categorize their own work.

Creation Science ibooks are NOT science text books.

This unfortunate categorization as life sciences is an error that legitimizes those books in the eyes of creationists. 

Here are a few EXAMPLES, as their pages in itunes/ibooks describes them 


Category: Life Sciences

See in the Description ... 

Topics covered are: What is Life? – Life vs. Matter, Proof of God’s existence, Evolution, Evolution of consciousness, Moral implications.


This book will help you understand that the theory of evolution is not only unscriptural and unscientific but also contradicts known laws of science and mathematics. With the regular bombardment the public receives from educational systems, museums, and the media, every Christan should read this book. It also can be used as a text for a "Bible and Science" course.!/id426092375?mt=11&ls=1


tags: anti-science, anti-evolution, creationism, evolution, darwin, darwinisn


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