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Apple Inc.: Authorize Zac Browser to Apple App Store. Stop punishing children with autism.

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Since 2008, we have provided a virtual playground for children with autism called Zac Browser. The software has won numerous prizes and was featured in the news around the world. Zac Browser is a software that is completely free of charge and used by over 3.2 million families and schools around the world.

Since the launch of the iPad, we have received numerous messages from parents, teachers and therapists requesting an iPad version of Zac Browser. We have decided to move forward and worked for months towards the development and adaptation of the software for the iPad.

We were ready in the beginning of March and just a month away from the World Autism Awareness Day, so imagine our enthusiasm while preparing for the launch of Zac Browser Gold for the iPad, completely free of charge, on April 2, 2013.

Apple have declined Zac Browser for 2 reasons:

"We found that your app only provides a very limited set of features. Lastly, we found the following issues with the user interface of your app: - Did not include iOS features. For example, it would be appropriate to use native iOS buttons and iOS features other than just web views, Push Notifications, or sharing."

We don’t think it was analyzed with our end-user in mind, and not all of our features were tested.

We have decided to appeal their decision, hoping the next reviewer will reverse their decision by simply understanding that children with special needs are not business people who may need Apple buttons, push notifications or sharing features.

After that second review, it is clear from Apple’s position that Zac Browser Gold is not an application they want to see on the Apple Store. Is this because it’s free and they won’t make money out if it? We don’t know or understand. We have prepared a quick demonstration of Zac Browser Gold on the iPad. Please see for yourself at the top of this page.

We don’t claim that Zac Browser Gold is perfect, but we do believe it is good enough to make it available on the iPad and allow parents, teachers and therapists to decide if they want to install it or not on their devices. As technology evolves and as we connect with our end users, we will be in an excellent position to improve Zac Browser on a regular basis.

We have started a petition asking Apple to authorize Zac Browser Gold on the Apple Store and make it available for the iPad. We kindly ask for your voice; we also request that you spread our message to people you know that may want to help. Please take a minute of your time and help us bring Zac Browser Gold to the iPad (Apple App Store).

Thank you for your time and support.

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