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In 2013 a user by the name of RobTop made a mobile game called Geometry Dash, which would integrate music from the site called Newgrounds. His idea was purportedly to give the indie musicians on NG a chance to shine through his difficult rhythm game. All one had to do was copy a portion of the link into the game, and voilà, a Newgrounds song is now usable in the game.

Since the game's release, we on Newgrounds have had GD users stealing songs, uploading what was not theirs, harrassing big-name artists on the site like TheFatRat, Waterflame and Xtrullor, and throwing all sorts of tantrums when they were banned for posting infringing content. This ranges from abusive comments, to people flagging completely legit songs, to passive-aggressive messages constantly thrown in the direction of the artists and moderators. We have had people IN THE HUNDREDS doing this, flooding the Newgrounds audio portal with Skrillex and MLG and tons of other songs they do not own, just so they can get their 5 minutes of fun in Geometry Dash. Newgrounds has always stood up for user-created content ONLY so frankly, this is a mess.

The rise of crackdowns in copyrighted content by record companies also means that Newgrounds cannot AFFORD to have audio thieves; if this situation persists, we will likely be sued out of existence. It would be a tragedy for all of us indie animators, game devs, musicians and artists who are using this site as a springboard. Every last user on Newgrounds is affected by this.

TL;DR: Geometry Dash has been associated with cancerous, entitled behaviour on the part of its users, and it is damaging Newgrounds. Repeated attempts to contact RobTop about this have failed. This seems tantamount to condoning all the horrible behaviour and copyright infringements caused by users of his game.

It is time for us to take drastic action. Apple, Google, we exhort you to remove Geometry Dash from your stores. This is our only way of controlling the copyright infringement problem and stopping it from getting out of hand.





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