Get Apple to care about their products again

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When the iPhone was first launched back in 2007 by Apple Co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. Apple cared about product quality control now the iPhone has sold over 1 billion units worldwide since it's launch back in 2007. It seems to me Apple no longer cares about quality control and iPhone models such as the iPhone 6 and beyond suffer from poor quality control. I have come to my own conclusion that this is either because of cheeper hardware components or Apple just want to make as much money as passable by quickly producing as many iPhones as humanly possible and don't care how long they last. When Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple Apple used to be a company that was known for having high quality and reliable products that stood the test of time but unfortunately in my opinion Apple now values profit over customer satisfaction and product reliability. The iPhone has become one of Apple’s most popular products ever and if Apple don’t care about the iPhone why would they care about their other products sutch as the Mac and iPad having good product quality control? This needs to change! That's why I have  created this petition. Any support would be greatly appreciated.