Fix all MacBook Pro 2016 and later with stage light effect or backlight shutdown #flexgate

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Using the MacBook Pro Retina 2016 or later under normal conditions over time, your laptop may start to show following symptoms:

  1. Stage light effect appears at the bottom of the screen when you set at a high brightness level.
  2. Backlight shutdown comes after opening the lid for above at a certain degree.

Both of them are caused by a fractured display flex cable due to its design flaw.

Most of the laptops started to suffer this issue after the 1-year warranty period! And the number of reports increases every day!

There is no way to replace this cable apart as it soldered to the LCD. Apple forces unlucky owners to pay $600+ for a whole LCD replacement!

We kindly ask Apple to launch an extended warranty program addressed to this issue as soon as possible.

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