Error 14 on iPhone - ALL DATA LOSS - APPLE, HEAR US!

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Dear Apple-Team, dear Mr. Cook,

I have a concern for you that deeply disappoints many Apple users as well as me.

It is about Error 14, which cannot be fixed with today's technology. This error usually occurs when the memory becomes full and you are no longer able to delete data from the iPhone.

The next time the iPhone restarts, it is stuck in a boot loop and cannot get out of it. When trying to update the iPhone via the PC or MacBook, it goes up to 20% and then stops and the error message "Error 14" appears.

The only solution here is to restore your entire iPhone and thereby lose all data...

It can not be that Apple has not yet found a solution to this error!!!

Apple support only gives you the solution to restore your iPhone or contact data recovery companies. But not even data recovery companies can help us with this problem!!!

Many long-standing Apple users lose precious data and memories.

A lot of people have already lost pictures of their newborn babies and loved ones as well as pets. Memories are one of the important things in life. Because of that many people, who were confronted with Error 14 just put their iPhone away and hope that this problem can be solved and their memories can be saved.

A solution to this error MUST be found, otherwise we will lose our trust in Apple.

I hope you will hear us and help us to save our data, because there is always a possibility! And we want that now.

We want to be heard APPLE.