Don't slow down our iPhone by your firmware updates, and force people to buy your new ones

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As an iPhone owner I think everyone can agree with me, everytime Apple pushes and forces us to upgrade the firmware, especially when the number of the iOS changed significantly, for example from iOS 8 to 9, 10 and 11 the latest on, it slows down all the entire operation of the iPhones and make our work and life miserable, like changing one app to another app, opening contacts to make calls; takes forever, the battery performance dropped, etc.

iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and some models of Macbook also (old models who was granted to upgrade to macOS Sierra), was the one that suffered the most from the upgrading process that is force downloaded in the software updates menu, if you were among the users of that models, i think you know how i feel and the frustations it makes, wasting our times on halting menus and apps.

Apple products was always overpriced, and yes it works well, we were happy, but not until the software updates, some people think that maybe it was time to buy another new iPhones (because it slows down), but what about people that were happy with the old iOS when the iPhone is working so well? we don't like to buy a new iPhones, we like to expect that the overpriced hardware we bought can still be used until it really broke down, not being broken by Apple using their intentionally forced software updates.

We use mainly our iPhones for emails, chats, social media, browsing, taking pictures, videos, and these functions we expect to be working VERY WELL on all iOS updates, because this is the very basic iPhones functions. 

We don't need fancy updates of additional features that is not needed to run basic functions, like Apple stated on every updates, they don't bring anything new that is worth sacrificing the normal usage of an iPhone.

At least you (Apple) can allow us to choose what kind of iOS we like to use with our expensive and overpriced piece of old hardware (iPhones or Macbooks), or downgrade one step behind if we don't like the new iOS, for example the iOS 11 is so buggy and full of trouble, if Apple allow us to do so, we can go back to iOS 10 not 9. Especially for iPhone 4S owners can go back from iOS 9, to iOS 8.

Law suits already being made by people that is still using iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and recently with iOS 11 released, users of iPhone 6, 6S also joining to make law suits against Apple.

No solutions offered by Apple until now, i think we need to act and "stop" Apple from affecting and forcing us to make our iPhones obsolete.

If you agree with me, and like the options of downgrading iOS or keeping the current iOS without the automatically forced download of iOS updates (and yes Apple is forcing the downloads even we did not consent the downloading of iOS updates, sometimes it will suddenly inform us, "iOS download complete" and click yes to update), please sign this petition, so we can keep our beloved Apple products working and supporting our daily life.

This is our rights because we already paid for it and the hardware is not the problem (Apple keeps making excuses that our hardware is obsolete bla bla bla), Apple conspiracy of making people buying new iPhones and Macbooks is the problem nowadays.....

These petition can impact the life of 1 billion users around the globe (iPhones and Macbooks population), lets think about it and make it happen.

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