DO NOT SUPPORT Coffee Convos Podcast-Kailyn Lowry, Lindsie Chrisley- Black Fathers Matter

DO NOT SUPPORT Coffee Convos Podcast-Kailyn Lowry, Lindsie Chrisley- Black Fathers Matter

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The “Coffee Convos Podcast” first aired in November 2017, hosted by Lindsie Chrisley and Kailyn Lowry. The banter on this podcast consists of “personal life experiences, motherhood, parenting, friendship and work life balance” according to the USPTO registry.

Kailyn Lowry of the controversial reality show “Teen Mom” known for her constant social media attacks on the three (3) ethnic fathers’ of her children was filmed verbally and physically assaulting her son Lincoln’s father, Javi Marroquin in an altercation that aired on March, 2013. Ms. Lowry has also admitted to attacking her first son Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera. She’s stated, indifferently “I’m not proud of it.”

In the Fall of 2014 Kailyn was filmed reprimanding her son's father, Jo Rivera, via text for cutting Isaac's hair, claiming, "He's too young for that. He's half white," and "Little white boys don't get their hair cut like that." Isaac is not just a “little white boy”; he is also Latino.

Kailyn’s youngest son, Lux was fathered by Chris Lopez. Kailyn has persistently defamed and harasses Mr. Lopez over all social media platforms. In November 2017, Kailyn petitioned Kent County court in Delaware to have Lux Russell Lopez last name changed to Lowry in another attempt to cut Mr. Lopez out of his son’s life. 

In the Fall of 2019 Kailyn and Chris Lopez were overheard by two family friends arguing. According to several present and former associates of both Kailyn and Chris, Kailyn repeatedly referred to Chris as a “ni&&@“ and stated “you will never see your son again.” Kailyn has also physically assaulted Chris. There is audio of several altercations between Kailyn and Chris where she is clearly heard making racially offensive comments while screaming and crying.

Kailyn has ethnic children but, has not used her platform to uplift the Black and Latino men she has children with; instead she uses her platform to bully and embarrass them. Lindsie has a Black niece but, has not used her platform to speak out against the murder of black men/women by police or the racism that plagues our society.

Kailyn has cultivated a social media presence surrounded by bullying of the Black and Latino fathers’ of her children with the clear knowledge of what they’re up against in today’s racist society. 

Kailyn calls the police and files PFA’s on her children’s fathers only to drop them but, has never been held accountable for assaulting, harassing them.

Kailyn has a protective order against Chris Lopez yet, several times when Chris is on Instagram live Kailyn goes on to comment, call him names and harass him with thousands of viewers watching.

In May, 2020 realty TV personalities took to social media to speak against the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, MN. “Teen Mom OG” cast member Cheyenne Floyd tweeted, “As the only black mother on a all white show, your silence has said enough for me. A black man was murdered in front of the world, stop posting click bates & post to make a change.“ After which, Kailyn tweeted “you’re not wrong”. It was only then that Kailyn began to retweet various posts regarding injustice.

Although several Black and Latino men/women have been murdered in the past several years by police Kailyn has not spoke against police brutality or racism. Additionally, Lindsie Chrisley, her co-host has not spoke out against racism or police brutality. Most specifically, the recent murder in Lindsie’s home state of Ahmad Arbury in Brunswick, GA. that happened in February, 2020 by two known racists.

The fathers of Kailyn’s children are ethnic, Latino and Black. She has filed protective orders against all of them. Yet, she has never been arrested for the physical attacks on them. 

Kailyn Lowry has used her “white privilege” to escape legal accountability.

Do not support Coffee Convos or Teen Mom. 

Kailyn Lowry is a racist who has no problem having babies with ethnic men because ultimately, when things don’t go her way in the relationship she can hit them, harass them and have them arrested because “white privilege” affords her the right to do so.

Sign this petition as a symbol of “no more.” We will not support racists any more. We will not allow “white privilege” to stagnate our ethnic fathers and rob children of their relationship with their fathers. 

Support this petition as part of the 2020 Civil Rights Movement.





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