Crisis Hotlines to be Automatically Saved onto Phones

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Every year 800,000 people die from suicide worldwide. Last year, over a million crisis calls were made to Lifeline Australia. It is hard to admit, but I too have been one of those callers and the suicide prevention services saved me from making my biggest mistake.

 I had the luxury of being able to access the internet and obtain the lifesaving numbers, but many others in my situation can’t. I’m calling on Apple and Samsung to save relevant crisis helpline numbers into all their phones, just like emergency numbers.

This move will bring vulnerable people one step closer towards receiving the help they need. Every time, a person dies of suicide, many others lose a dad, mom, daughter, sister or friend. Suicide is the leading cause of death for 14-44 year olds in Australia. The mental health crisis is only expected to get worse due to the pandemic.

We aren’t asking for much. Apple and Samsung can surely accommodate this small change that may potentially save millions of lives. Please sign and share my petition to put pressure on the big companies to make this change.