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Allow users of Apple devices to downgrade from iOS7 to iOS6, to return users' devices to the operational state the devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.) were in before the voluntary upgrade from iOS6 to iOS7

If a consumer is unhappy with a suggested operating system, which Apple suggests the consumer voluntarily installs and upgrades, for which the consumer voluntarily agrees to to try on an Apple device, which the consumer has purchased and for which the consumer has paid, the consumer has the right to voluntarily uninstall the suggested upgraded operating system (iOS7) and reinstall the downgraded operating system (iOS6) which the consumer found thereto useful and satisfactory.

Withholding that right, by Apple, for the consumer to choose, which operating system they choose, to use, is an undue invasion of the consumer's right to privacy and the consumer's right to choose.

Apple must allow the consumer to downgrade,at the consumers' request, and must certify and make useful that selected downgrade to the consumer.  

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