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Stop the Apple Blossom Grand Street Parade Decision

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Today, via Facebook the Apple Blossom Festival directors released a decision to remove the Grand Street Parade from Kentville and hold it in New Minas along Commercial Street. The parade has been held in Kentville where there are quiet, side walked streets with numerous natural viewing areas for close to forty years and the majority of the 85 years the festival existed.

Kentville provides security and traffic control that the one way in and out New Minas currently wouldn't provide. New Minas has no natural viewing areas, only one sidewalk and is littered with commercial buildings that would have to be willing to both shut down for hours but also allow the general public access to their property to even be able to enjoy the parade.

All the fundraising booths will have to either find new places to setup or lose the revenue entirely. The two pubs in Kentville that do superb business on this weekend will be looking at possible business crushing revenue losses. There is nothing in New Minas similar to what those two businesses offer during the parade.

Parking will be non existent in New Minas. Traffic logistics in via Port Williams or Prospect Street from the 101 will be nightmares. At time of writing this the Town of Kentville was not notified despite the press release indicating that the decision was made with consultations. 

Facebook erupted with a near unanimous reaction of, "what is going on?" "Who was consulted?" And "who makes decisions like this?". Please join in signing this petition to pressure the committee into some common sense and returning the parade to Kentville until a proper business case with logistics been presented. Thank you.




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