Bitcoin emoji for keyboard | The Unicode Consortium and Apple

Bitcoin emoji for keyboard | The Unicode Consortium and Apple

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John Wayne
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Bitcoin is the best preforming asset of the 2010’s decade! From growing value from being less than a penny to astronomical $19,900 per bitcoin is a phenomenonal achievement that will forever live in our history! In honor for this new technology that will revolutionize our entire world, we should should all band together to push apple to create an emoji to honor this achievement! Daily we hear companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft coming daily pushing to implement blockchain technology, the core technology behind bitcoin, into their companies to get a leg up in the blockchain race. No matter what new coin they pump out, we should not allow people to forget the impact that bitcoin has!


We already have the bitcoin symbol “₿” for the keyboards like do with “$”, “€”, “¥” and “£”. However we don’t have emojis for them. We have some for cash, dollar, euros, yen, and pounds... but no bitcoin? Why haven’t they done so already? It’s beyond my knowledge. Maybe they thought it was a scam, or maybe they thought bitcoin was just a fad. Man they are a in for treat! 


Having bitcoin as an emoji would further detach it from its psychological classification of an asset only. When all my friends on #CryptoTwitter make massive pumps, I get tried of seeing the stock(�) emoji just due to the fact it doesn’t represent the blockchain, it doesn’t represent the miners, and it doesn’t present the ease of sending peer-to-peer outside of third party influence and prying eyes. Bitcoin encompasses an entirely new system that the future generations will love for years! I speak for this not only to push for crypto adoption, not only to get more people in to learning about blockchain technology, but to solidify an achievement that Satoshi Nakamoto created for the world!

All you have to do Apple Inc is turn this “₿” into an emoji. If you can do it for Internet(�) or cash(�) then you can do it for Bitcoin!