Apple to fix this deliberate slow-down of iPhones!

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On Wed 20 Dec, Apple finally acknowledged it had intentionally slowed down all existing phones - Ironically perfectly in sync with the start of newer model phone sales!!

WHAT HAPPENED: The new iPhones were launched and as soon as people updated iOS (expecting an UPGRADE) for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and iPhone 7..... BOOM the phones became retarded! Phone processing became slow and most apps that were fine before the slowdown got stuck not to mention major battery drains.

THE EXCUSE: to help keep an iPhone running at optimal performance as an older battery can't keep up with the required power - So they caused the phone to purposely slow down CPU speed "rather than have the device shut off in unfavorable conditions—older batteries that can’t handle peak draw, cold temperatures, etc."

THE PROBLEM: The phones were working fine! Nor was there a dramatic global freeze that the existing iphones haven't handled so far. Everyone knows batteries have a certain shelf life and depreciate over time, but to fix a problem you have to HAVE A PROBLEM FIRST! You don't just give a sedative to a person who is functioning fine?

IS SECRETLY SLOWING DOWN A SOLUTION OR THE PROBLEM? It has not solved any of the declared, non-existent reasons for slowing our phones, but only suddenly CAUSED the very problems it is claiming to fix? Problems that never existed before the slowed it down our phones.....

DECEPTION & TRUST: Apple has lost its credibility big time. An update is suppose to be an UPGRADE of the system, not a secret DOWNGRADE of phones we paid for! 

22 Dec: Today Apple is sued for deliberately slowing down older iPhones by one party 

THIS PETITION REQUESTS APPLE TO RESTORE TRUST - and fix with an update to solve the global iPhone slowdown and system mess-up they created!

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