Apple service program for 2017+ laptops #heatlines.

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I am using a 2017 MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and 4 USB-C ports. Lately I have started getting these weird black horizontal lines on my display after 20-30 minutes of using my laptop.

First I assumed its a hardware issue but when I researched online I found it could be a software issue too. I tried everything. Even using the Apple Support app on my iPhone and the assistant clearly said it is an hardware issue. We downloaded a fresh  OS, SCM, PRAM restart, etc. It was all useless. I use my iPad as my sidecar and have no problems there.

Apple realised they have a design flaw with 2016 laptops and they offered them a service program. This petition is for them to realise that they got 2017 MacBook Pros wrong too and need to help their customers. 

HeatLines - Flickering black horizontal lines appear on the top or the bottom of the screen after using the laptop for about 20-30 minutes. Yeah, that's right. When you open your laptop initially on a fresh day, no lines appear. Lines gradually start appearing as you start using the laptop continuously during the day. 

This is how the screen looks after using the laptop for sometime :-

I don't believe I spent thousands of dollars for a product so fragile. I don't think anybody should. Its just unacceptable. I have read multiple blogs and support communities, Apple's as well and have realised that this is a heating problem. They must have had seen this coming because they didn't upgrade the display connector design from 2016 laptops for 2017 laptops.

If you're facing a similar situation where when you are opening your laptop for the first time during the day, you display is perfect but when you gradually start using the laptop (like for half an hour or something) there are weird horizontal lines clearly flickering on your display, please sign the petition. 

Apple is a good company and I believe once they realise this issue, they will look into it and help us too as how they did their 2016 MacBook Pro users who had the "flexgate" problems.

Thank you.