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Apple is piggy riding on its brand value!!!

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I had given my mac for repair on 14th october, the service center did not sent me any message or mail for the quotation in my registered e-mail or mobile number for two weeks.
After going to them i got a physical quotation of INR 100801, i.e, 1548.4$.

I told them it is under apple care protection plan for which i had paid an extra 17000 INR, i.e, 300$

They said there was liquid damage in my MAC.

3 things for which i need an answer :

1. Why was i given a quote after 2 weeks when they said 2 days and that too when i went to the center.

2. How can the cost of the parts be more than the product itself. Logic says, the product is made by assembling the parts.I asked them that macbook is an assembled laptop with different parts but if each part costs 50000 INR, the mac should be of around 400000 INR. They went mum to this argument and said you can talk to Apple, I called Apple, they gave their apologies for the same. I told i need a solution to which they said it is not in their hands.

3. Why does Apple give the protection plan. If a MAC has been working fine for one year, how can something happen to it in the following years. They said liquid damage is not considered under "Protection Plan". I just found that in America, the Apple Care Plus plan provides twice with a provision of accidental damage and the cost is same as the Protection plan in India. IRONY!!!

It is quite evident how Apple is making money just for the sake of business.

That day is not far when Apple will be fossilized in India and I will take a step forward to do so. I could conclude how Apple was piggy-riding on its brand to sell its product with zero care in after sales service. Through this i want an answer from Apple and also inform the customers about the same. It will not be long when Apple will be the least bought product worldwide.

I saw many people writing on twitter for the same in India, but no response has been given to them too. 

Apple has wasted a month to provide me a solution. I want them to repair my MAC and waive off the quote as i took a protection plan from their end and no terms and condition were provided to me. They are cheating and running a scam in India.

Apple US says talk to the service center since they do not have stores here, service center says talk to Apple.

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