Apple, create a iPod Touch 7th Generation.

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This is the sad thing I am dealing with right now. Apple, I get you are a consumer company but what about the children. They need a device that they can get for cheap, and is optimized for iOS. I am talking about the iPod Touch. You removed the iPod Shuffle, a great device for people that work out to listen to music. You removed the iPod Nano, a budget iPod that had Bluetooth, 16GB of storage for your movies and music. Now before you go about getting rid of the iPod Touch forever, think about children. They need a device to get into the Apple Eco-System, which is important for you as a company to get money. So I propose that you make a iPod Touch 7th Generation. It should come with a Apple A9/A10 SOC, 32/128GB of storage, and Wireless AC. Let us proud army of consumers bring a product that can revolutionize cheap devices once again.