Apple App Affiliate Program Loss

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Greg Littlewood
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As of October 1st, Apple has decided to terminate the Apple App Affiliate program, meaning Apple App Affiliates with loose their income from app sales.  Not only will it affect Apple App Affiliates but App Developers as well, due the lack of sales and promotion by the Apple App Affiliates. This in turn will affect !000's of people and they their livelihood. Not only will it effect Affiliates and Developers, it will effect you if you've ever watched any tutorial from an Apple App Affiliate. When this happens some of them might not be able to carry on as such.

These App Affiliates, Bloggers and Vloggers have helped build Apple into what it is today and many rely on this extra income to support themselves and their families. Now, this income is being taken away due to corporate greed. This is not right. So I’m writing this petition to go to Apple to let them know our dissatisfaction with this action. Please help your favorite Apple App Affiliate or App Developer.  

Together we can at least let our voices be heard. Please take the time to fill out this petition and let your dissatisfaction with this decision be known.


Tony Duncan, IOS musician