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Apple and Google: Say NO to "Consent App"

This petition had 59 supporters has created an app called "LegalFling" to "redefine" safe sex and allow individuals to "Get consent with a single tap."

The company claims to be responding to the #metoo movement, but it is not addressing issues of consent. Actually, it may be creating more risk for those most vulnerable to sexual assault while paving a "legal" path for people who are ignorant of or ignoring their responsibility to obtain ongoing consent. Some issues with this app include:

- consent is not static, it must be ongoing. Someone may agree to some sex acts, but their partner(s) have a different interpretation of what they've agreed to -- they have the right to withdraw their consent at any point.

- people can change their minds at any point within a sexual encounter, for any reason at all, whether or not their explicit boundaries are crossed.

- if someone is relying on this "click" of consent, they may not respect these boundaries and may be perceived to have legal backing for this violation.

- people may be coerced into consenting through this app.

- someone can (easily) hack into another person's phone and "click" consent without their knowledge or consent.

These are just some of the immediate concerns with this app. There are likely many more, and I invite individuals to share those as they sign this petition.

This app is looking for approval from Apple and Google in order to operate. This is the time to tell these platforms that this app is offensive and dangerous, and that we do not want our smart phone providers to provide approval to this software.

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