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Apple: Acknowledge and fix MacBook Pro 2016's battery issues

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Thousands of users have voiced their disappointment and frustration with the lacking battery life of the new MacBook Pro models. Some 3, some 5, others 8 hours, but the computer's battery in fact lacks in comparison to its predecessors.

Because a lot of status in technology journalism is based on its relationship to Apple, lots of reviewers  are unwilling to post an honest review detailing the subpar battery life, especially of TouchBar models.

It is ridiculous that some us paid upwards of two thousand dollars for a computer that is not working the way it's supposed to, with graphics bugs, glitches on the TouchBar, and ultimately the horrendous $300-dollar-laptop-level battery life.

Some of us have bought Apple products for years and have been able to visualize the way Apple's quality and value for customer service have been declining over the years. From faulty iPhone 6 batteries that are not acknowledged, to buggy launches of Macs over the years, Apple's loyal fanbase is starting to get tired of the fact that Apple acts as if they're untouchable. Steve Jobs once said, in announcing a solution to the Antennagate scandal, that "we're not perfect"; and not only did he say that, but he proceeded to fix the issue by acknowledging there was one, and then giving free bumper cases to every iPhone owner. As such, we demand that Apple works dilligently to fix said issues or institutes a replacement program for our laptops when they can provide us with laptops that live up to their promises. 

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