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Since 2004, Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich,  “Izvestia” Newspaper journalist, has been spreading a slander - knowingly false information about Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi. This defamation is disseminated in his articles published by “Izvestia” Newspaper and book “AntiGrabovoi. Who "resurrects" our dead "”, written by organized criminal group and co-authored with Heinrich Erlich (Publisher Yauza). D. Sokolov-Mitrich is the first journalist who began the dissemination of slanderous information that G.P Grabovoi had allegedly promised mothers of Beslan to resurrect their children. Then, this lie was picked up by other media structures, who then raised their rating on this object of information.

His negative attitude towards Grabovoi G.P. journalist outlined in  the first lines of his book, by which he seriously violated the law in media. It was Sokolov-Mitrich who closely linked name of G.P. Grabovoi with Beslan, which afterwards was  circulated by many other media organisations. Although Grigori Grabovoi has never been in Beslan, information about the promise of resurrection of  children of Beslan was refuted by statements made by victims of the terrorist act in Beslan and the acquittal of  July 7th, 2008 verdict. Documents confirming the refutation are available online: In his book, Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich conducts  so-called analysis of “the activity of G.P Grabovoi.”

So in his book, Sokolov-Mitrich writes: “Grabovoi's signature feature is aviation. All his students know that Grigori Petrovich can determine all the problems of a winged vehicle by one plane number of the aircraft, even by being  hundreds of kilometers away from the  plane. As evidence, each follower of the “Second Coming” possesses the 1st volume of a three-volume “Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation. "  Since 1995, Grigori Grabovoi’s official website has presented hundreds of forecasts protocols in the aviation sector with 100% confirmation, issued by  publishing house “Soprichastnost” in the 1ts volume, “Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation”.  

Having studied in detail the three-volume book by Grigori Grabovoi “Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation”, Sokolov-Mitrich knew about 100% confirmation of the forecasts of Grabovoi G.P., made under the agreement with the airline company so he published articles and wrote together with  Erlich in the book “AntiGrabovoi”. In publications D. Sokolov-Mitrich reported that he carefully studied all the materials of G.P. Grabovoi, so he knew about all other published control forecasts of G. Grabovoi. This proved that the motive for the actions of D. Sokolov-Mitrich was to prevent the rescue of people by counteracting the warning forecasts of G.P. Grabovoi. Publications discrediting the identity of G.P. Grabovoi interfere with the implementation of protective measures against mutations of viruses and the protection of the gene pool, which are set out in the confirmed warning forecast of G.P. Grabovoi in  April 2002. Since the warning forecast of  Grigori Grabovoi was confirmed for the first two events, we need to anticipate  a confirmation of the rest of the  control forecasts, therefore it is required  to prevent the danger of virus mutations and the danger to the gene pool. Therefore, these illegal actions committed by D. Sokolov - Mitrich by publications in media and publication of his book against G.P. Grabovoi, which impede the conduct of protective measures according to the warning forecast of G. Grabovoi, threaten me personally, my health, and provide me the  status of a victim. A copy of the above mentioned  newspaper with the warning forecast of 2002, can be found online:

This publication of the warning forecast by Grigori Grabovoi states the following: “... Eurasia should be highlighted. Countries of this continent should, as far as possible, conclude the additional agreements on the non-proliferation of these problematic types of mass destruction .... There are several reasons and one of them is a change in the concentration of the ozone layer, which can lead to the appearance of mutations of the infection .... mutantly transformed viruses will flood back, and the same part of the territory of China, from where the infection was launched, will be covered by a new very complex infection. That is why care must be taken to make even local types  of bacteriological wars impossible. Similarly, local chemical lesions can transform at the gene level, weakening the gene pool of Eurasian residents at a later date. ...  

Such problematic mutations of ordinary pathogens must not be allowed. And in May, actions to prevent this should already begin. By that time, a proposal from Russia, to start negotiations on such a topic could already come from China. And why from China, clearly. ... Therefore, another aspect is also gaining maximum importance - a calm situation on entire continents ... This also makes sense why signing of intracontinental supplementary agreements should take place according to a special program from May and better if Russia supports the activity of such initiatives. ... against silent bacteriological expansion, it is necessary to use not only vertical, but also interstate horizontal communication systems, that allows the interaction not only on federal authorities level,  but also  develops contact  between regions. For example, the governor of the border region can just as effectively for Russian interests make contact with the same Chinese and so on. ” Mutations of viruses and possible effects on  gene pool are dangerous for all, and the information published by D. Sokolov-Mitrich leads to the fact that, measures for an accurate warning forecast by Grigori Grabovoi, which would provide early protection, could not be  carried out, due to the slanderous discredit of personality of G. P.Grabovoi, humiliation of his honor, dignity and business reputation, contains corpus delicti under Art.No: 128.1 . Criminal Code of Russian Federation (slander). And it really threatens everyone.

In my opinion, the corpus delicti, to which the publications and books of Sokolov-Mitrich led the blocking measures to save people should be qualified as genocide of  people, which contains  corpus delicti in accordance with The Article No: 357 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Genocide”). In accordance with applicable law, D. Sokolov-Mitrich must be held criminally liable.

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