Appeal to supreme court of india: Give Bail and oppurtunity to defend

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Hon'ble  Altamas Kabir


The Chief Justice of India,


                                    Sub; Bail appeal for Mr Sreesanth



We are taken by  surprise about the recent development and about the allegation of Mr Sreesanth in the IPL spot fixing and denying of bail. To make it worst lining up more false allegation and invoking  MCOCA.


All now, we request is a fair enquiry and punish the guilty as per the law if proven; not giving bail and acting on information which is not credential has never been the way law and justice use to be in India.


The spirit of Patriotism which Mr. Sreesanth exhibited during the world cup of 2011 and during all the matches doesn’t make me or anyone believe he would act like a traitor by being sold to underworld. It looks or at least to believe to be a setup by haters, who just want his career to be an end. Mr Sreesanth is a victim of masterminds who used the influence and system.


All we request is give Mr Sreesanth bail and privacy till proven guilty, we also like to be more transparent  about the  case which includes credibility of information. Was there  tap on all the key players or just Mr Sreesanth, and was the tap authorized by the government official.


It is just unbelievable, that this has so much hype and specific targeting while many other celebrities got easy pass though they had done more serious offence and crimes.


Not giving bail to Mr Sreesanth who never had a prior conviction is injustice with the type of allegation he is been charged.

Mr Sreesanth is a sportsmen perhaps who must have got carried away or made wrong choice, but there is no reason for portraying him as criminal and link with underworld and terrorist. I request everyone who had been charged with conspiracy to be treated as per the law


We request you to use all the power in your hand for giving Mr Sreesanth bail and a fair trial.




Muralidharan Kurup


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