Exemption from paying bills for people who loose jobs due to steps to contain corona

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Due to measures taken by the Australian government to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, businesses around the country have laid off staff or cut down on working hours for employees.

Even though these measures are necessary, it means that many people are left without an income and a means to support themselves and pay their bills, virtually overnight.

The aim of this petition is to implore the government of Australia to make people, who lost their jobs or whose income has been reduced due to steps taken by their employees at the behest of the Australian government, exempt from paying rent, mortgages, shire rates, power-, water-, and gass bills, school fees, medical bills and car, as well as driver's licence renewals.

These exemptions should stay in place until these people have been reinstated at their workplaces and for up to 6 months after they have returned to work to enable them to become financially secure and stable again.

Australians are facing difficult times and can do without the extra burden of stress and worry about not having an income due to circumstances they have no control over. They deserve any peace of mind that can be given to them in these uncertain economic times.