Appeal to Labour Assembly Members to AMs - bring about REAL change - Elect Eluned Morgan!

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For too long women have been overlooked in Welsh politics. Despite the many movements and campaigns to bring about equality, Wales of all the UK nations is unique in that it has never elected a woman leader.

Let's change that.

Let's make THIS time THE time!

We have an opportunity to bring about real, meaningful change...

Strong, decisive and caring, with a wealth of experience, Eluned Morgan has a long proven track record of championing the issues that matter most to the people in Wales; here in Cardiff, in Westminster and Europe.

She is someone we can trust to move us forward during these uncertain times - she's a fresh face with a fresh outlook, but most importantly, she's the fresh start with substantial expertise that we so badly need.

As 2018 marks 100 years of votes for women, what better way to encourage equality of representation and pay tribute to the efforts of all those brave suffragettes than to put a REMARKABLE WELSH WOMAN on the ballot?!

Labour AMs - we URGE you to #ElectEluned #EM4FM