#Oct2WithIndia to celebrate India Solidarity Day

#Oct2WithIndia to celebrate India Solidarity Day

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NewsX is helping pilot a petition on change.org as an appeal to Indians and PIOs across the globe to demand that the UN and P5 discuss the rights of Balochis, Tibetans, Hong Kong residents, Armenians, Irish, Scots and many others. The 1945 fixed world order has repeatedly resisted and denied India's rightful place as a permanent member of the UNSC, politicians, lobbyists and intellectuals abroad still think that they can and should interfere and lecture on how the world's largest and most diverse legitimate democracy works. For an authoritarian state like China with dubious legacies in Tibet, with the Uighurs in Xinjiang and most recently in Hong Kong, to lecture India on how to handle it's internal affairs is the work of blatant and troubling hypocricy. The UK and Canadian governments are harbouring Indian Khalistani secessionists, while at the same time ignoring that they also face secessionist demands in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Alberta and Quebec respectively. 1.3 billion resident Indians and hundreds of millions of NRIs and PIOs should exercise their opportunity and free speech to stand with India and it's strong democracy. India is far from a perfect country, but foreigners have no business in interfering in it's affairs. For this, we will be marking October 2, 2019 as a day of solidarity to Stand For India all across the globe. Write letters, hold peaceful demonstrations, make the world hear your voice.

We demand President of the United States,Prime Minister of the U.K, President of Russia,President of China, President of France and the U.N General Secretary to organise a Special U.N session across different U.N bodies, to discuss human rights violations and freedom of movement in the following regions of the world.
1- Human rights violations in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
2- Pakistan's illegal occupation of Gilgit-Baltistan

3 - Pakistan's illegal occupation of Balochistan

4 - Human rights violations and genocide in Pak Occupied Balochistan
5 - Human rights violations in Chinese Occupied Tibet
6 - Human rights violations in Chinese Occupied Hong Kong
7 - Chinese occupation of South China Sea Islands
8 - Freedom of English occupied Northern Ireland
9 - Freedom movement in English occupied Scotland
8 - Turkish Occupation of and genocide in Western Armenia
9 - Turkish Occupation of Cyprus
10 - Chinese persecution of Uighur muslims

11 - Russian occupation of Crimea in Ukraine

12 - French occupation of Martinique

13 - American occupation of Puerto Rico

14 - American genocide of 9.3 million First Nation 'Red Indians'

15 - British engineered deaths of 13 million Indians in the Bengal famines in the 18th century and 1943

16 - British occupation of the Falkland Islands

17 - British occupation of Diego Garcia

18 - American occupation of Hawai

19 - Rallies by Neo Nazis, White Supremacists and KKK in USA

20 - British Occupation of Gibraltar

21 - Reparations from West for slave trade

22 - Reparations from West for forcing millions of Indians into indentured labour across the world

23 - Reparations from British Govt for Jalianwala Bagh massacre

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At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!