Improve Pakistan's System of Education!

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Dear reader,

Education and the search for knowledge has been in motion since the dawn of time. Even our religion has enlightened us about the importance of education.

However today,
There are over 150 branches of Army Public Schools and Colleges all over Pakistan which have showed tremendous improvement in the education sector in recent years. Yet, the students are not content with the education.They are facing physical, mental and emotional stresses from their institutes. Not only are they not willing to go to the schools/colleges but they experience lack of confidence and depression because of negligence from the authorities. This is the major cause of non-serious attitude from students. They are unable to practice their interests. They can not change the future unless we provide a safe and healthy atmosphere today. 
Following are some areas that need re-evaluation from APS secretariat:

  • Improved and up-to-date Syllabus Structure
  • Betterment of Teacher Training Program
  • Enhancement of Extracurricular activities
  • Easier Access to Digital/E-Learning material
  • Proper Counselling for students in Schools and Colleges 

The problem we are facing today is the lack of proper supervision from the secretariat to make sure institutions are on par with each other.

Students come to APSACS not only to study and fortify a career, but to apprehend the functioning of our society. To assist Our Nation on the road to success. We sincerely hope Army Public Schools & Colleges Secretariat will review these aforementioned points and build on the already well established education system to aid our students in every way possible. Right from The Beginning of the quest for knowledge.

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- Group of Concerned Students