Appeal from Bangalore's children - Please withdraw BBMP pet dog licensing bye-laws.

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We, the students of Inventure Academy, are writing to you on behalf of the youth of Karnataka requesting you to withdraw the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (pet dog licensing bye-laws), 2018.

Although we recognise the intent behind this, we feel that the by-laws in question will be taking away our basic rights as both citizens and children. While it is true that dogs are technically animals, so is man! And for those of us who have chosen to have pets, we consider them a part of our families. Some of the provisions included are unjust and unethical, placing little to no value on the life of our canine friends and our rights to a complete childhood. For that matter, dogs’ rights... They have as much right to exist on planet Earth as we do!

For example, our school has been fortunate enough to have four therapy dogs. These dogs are golden retrievers - a loving and affectionate breed. They are fun to have around, give us unconditional love and help us learn how to care for others. Unfortunately, under the bye-laws, they are not a permitted breed and neither are our very own indie dogs.

The bye-laws are being forced upon us and will have a great impact on our lives - yet NO CHILD WAS CONSULTED or TALKED TO when making these laws. We as children have a right to participate in all decisions that affect us! By signing this petition, you will be making sure our voices are heard.

Our Pets, Our Voice.

Of the Children, For the Children, By the Children

(An initiative of the “Our Voice” Platform @ Inventure Academy)