Appeal for Water Conservation

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*The Vasant Vihar Ground Water Initiative FOR CLOSURE OF NINE TUBE WELLS*
By the children of Vasant Vihar- led by Ahaan Agarwal.

*Did you know only 450 residences out of the 10,000 dwellings in Vasant Vihar get water from 9 tube wells in the zone??

*These houses also have access to 24 hour MVV supply.

* Did you know the cost in the form of depletion of our ground water is borne by all 10,000 homes and our future generations, while only 450 benefit?

This is extremely detrimental to the depleting ground water levels in our colony for the benefit of the few.

To the environment ?
To all the residents ?

We appeal for all to be fair to their neighbours and fair to us, the future - leave us with the resources you grew up with.

We appeal to all residents of Vasant Vihar to sign this petition in support of us children of Vasant Vihar by IMMEDIATELY STOPPING THE NINE TUBE WELLS RUN BY VASANT VIHAR SOCIETY.

By: Ahaan Agarwal