Appeal for Peace

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We, the peace-loving people of India appeal to all fellow citizens to maintain peace and harmony in the country after the expected verdict on the 'Babri Masjid title suit' by the Supreme Court of India.

We want the government to ensure the law and order situation remains under control, post the verdict by the apex court. Sometimes, anti-social and lumpen elements disturb peace in indirect or secret collusion with the authorities. We also appeal to all citizens to cooperate with the police and law enforcement agencies and desist from falling prey to provocation and emotional appeals.

It is the responsibility of the government to ensure law and order, safety, and security of its citizens and uphold the supremacy of law after the Supreme Court delivers the final judgment. If anything goes wrong, then the government of the day shall be solely responsible.

Similarly, it is also the duty of the citizens to cooperate with the authorities and observe communal harmony in the country.

Let us show the world that we are united despite our differences.