Stop 2495 Kasota Ave. Development

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Kathryn Murray
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St. Anthony Park Community Council has many serious concerns about the potential air/waterborne pollutants that could manifest at the Rohn Industries 2495 Kasota Ave. project because an old ash dump underlies this site. We are also concerned with the traffic congestion this project would add to our neighborhood and the safety issues it would cause.

The plan intends to excavate and stockpile topsoil on site, which will clearly disturb the historic Elm Street Ash Dump and expose the underlying polluted material (air, water and subsoil leachate plumes). It contains tons of partially incinerated hospital waste from HCMC, and ash from the City of Minneapolis and the U of MN, and dating from the 1930s to the 1960s.

City staff have ignored SAPCC and the neighborhood’s concerns related to safety as well as our site-specific technical knowledge and history about this complex site in the review process, granting Conditional Approval 9/16/19.  At a minimum, the site should remain undisturbed. Ideally, it should be remediated (the removal of all contaminated materials) and restored to its original wetland condition.

If you feel that approving the Rohn project poses significant danger to human health due to toxins released, please add your name and contact information to the petition and donate to the appeals fund.