Extend the hours of Belk Library at Appalachian State University on weekends

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Students of any nature can thrive as long as they have access to the resources available to do so. These resources include computers, printers, desk space, and a studious atmosphere. Appalachian State University students are no exception. By increasing the hours at Belk Library, AppState students will have more opportunity to become professionals of their chosen craft.

Currently, the hours at Belk Library are sparse over the weekends. Most students that study on Saturdays are well aware of the 6pm closing time. To add to this, early studying the next day isn't permitted either; the opening time for Sundays is 12pm. 24/7 access is the standard for operating hours across the United States' major university libraries. 

We have personally spoken with hundreds of Appalachian State students who recognize this fault. From students of chemistry and physics to political science and philosophy, the overwhelming consensus is that these hours should be extended.  There are many hours of optimal studying time that are cut short and to prevent any more from going to waste. We implore that you join our conversation.