Stop calling autistics diseased and unhealthy

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The Autistic Community at large request a full and thorough apology from Dr. Naila Rabbani and The University of Warwick for her use of ableist language in her research into diagnostic measures for Autism Spectrum Conditions. Also for her use of similar language when discussion her teams findings with the press. She refers to autism as a "disease" and adds that Autistic peoples’ brains are "unhealthy" just because we differ from the brains of the typical population does not mean we are diseased

Dr. Rabbani's words have already led to the bullying of one Autistic child after school mates saw her interview in the media. Language like Dr. Rabbani's contribute to an inaccurate and harmful perception about ASC amongst the general populace. We also demand that the University of Warwick carry out an immediate review of the text and language that researchers at the university use about ASC and other neurological differences so that such harm is not repeated in the future. 

Dr Rabbani leads a multi-disciplinary team, working in the field of disease mechanisms - particularly in the study of damage to the proteome by glycation, oxidation and nitration.She does not specialise in autism (see link below)

Finally, we are vehemently against cure and we take huge affront at the idea that difference should be eradicated.This study and subsequent airing on the BBC has caused huge upset to autistics, parents, families and friends.This type of inaccurate and irresponsible rhetoric directly impacts the work that thousands of autistic advocates and organisations have put in striving towards acceptance.

Signed Raleigh Muir (autistic) and Grace Bellerby (friend of autism) Bridging The Divide

We want acceptance not cure

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