Jon McTaggart Must Resign!

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Jon McTaggart, the CEO of American Public Media, has single-handedly initiated a flawed investigation into Garrison Keillor's workplace relations, and based on one complaint, cancelled the programs that thousands of listeners loved and enjoyed every day.  He maintained silence for two months, defaming Garrison and sabotaging his work -- thwarting his concert tour, ending his broadcasts -- only to open his mouth now to prove MPR has absolutely nothing amounting to any level of misconduct.  McTaggart smeared GK with "MeToo" goo, entangled Garrison into enumerations of the people with whom he has nothing in common.

The Writers' Almanac was a staple on Public Radio all over the nation. The Writers' Almanac Support Group has hundreds of fans, many of them women, and many who survived real abuse and harassment in their long lives.  We condemn MPR and support Garrison.

Jon McTaggart besmirched the 75 year old poet who built up MPR reputation over 40 years.  A faceless corporate bureaucrat, known for nothing, achieving nothing, will forever be known as a Herostratus who tried to destroy a temple of poetry and art.  But he has already failed.  With nothing to show for his actions, Jon McTaggart must be removed from the position of the CEO of APMG.  Until he remains there, all NPR and PBS donors who care about A Praire Home Companion and The Writer's Almanac should stop their contributions.  Let us fund Garrison Keillor directly and educate NPR listeners nation-wide to stop their donations until McTaggart is removed and Garrison Keillor archives are handed over to a non-profit foundation run directly by Garrison Keillor, so no cowards can play politics around others' art.  Please hold Jon McTaggart to account and let him go -- now.

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