Conduct a thorough investigation & enforce the Animal Welfare Act at the Mirage dolphin habitat.

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Fins and Fluke initiated the Blue Living Pledge in 2014 as a way to encourage the public to make not only “green” choices, but “blue” as well, meaning their daily practices have less of an impact on waterways. We believe that people can make sure that waterways can continue to provide inspiration, wonder, and solutions in the future by the personal decisions they make on a daily basis. The Blue Living Pledge encourages the following: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Reduce Plastics at All Costs Strive to be Fish Free Reduce Consumption Habits and Become a Locavore Avoid Chemical Sunscreens Don’t Purchase Items that Exploit Marine Life Take Your Water Sports Off the Grid Educate Yourself About Oceans and Marine Life The Need The oceans and waterways of the world are currently facing countless issues, from over-fishing to plastic pollution, coral bleaching to oil spills. Fins and Fluke believes that the citizens of the world have the power to help through their daily choices and that these daily choices would be more effective if more people took the steps. Fins and Fluke would like to expand the Blue Living Pledge and reach an audience that has not found their way to our website yet. Ideally, Fins and Fluke volunteers would canvass on the streets, at festivals, and more, armed with tips and tricks to share about living a “bluer” lifestyle. We would like our volunteers to have pamphlets to help educate the public, as well as stickers and magnets to give to those who have taken the pledge as a reward and to help spread awareness. We would like to be able to run advertisements for the Blue Living Pledge if permittable. Our goal is to cast a wide net, get as many people as possible involved and turn the Blue Living Pledge into a widespread movement.

Fins and Fluke
5 years ago