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Support SPB Competition License for the APHA

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Proposed rule change to be considered at the upcoming convention, March 2, 2018:

SUMMARY:  Allows Solid Paint-Bred horses to compete in Regular Registry classes with a competition license which will increase value of APHA breeding and increase showing numbers.
RG-020.  The Registries B. SOLID PAINT-BRED REGISTRY. 1. The Solid Paint-Bred Registry is provided to record the pedigree of all stallions and mares and geldings not meeting the requirements (RG-070.A-G.) of the Regular Registry. The following horses will be listed in the regular Stud Book of the Association as Solid Paint-Bred Horses. 

a. Resultant solid color foals from two registered Paint Horses. 

b. Resultant solid color foals from a Paint Horse registered in the American Paint Horse Association and a Quarter Horse registered in the American Quarter Horse Association or a Thoroughbred registered in the Jockey Club or any international Thoroughbred Registry recognized by the Jockey Club. 

c. All horses registered prior to January 1, 2006 resulting from the breeding of two Quarter Horses or a Quarter Horse and a Thoroughbred or two Thoroughbreds that are ineligible for registration with their respective breed registry will remain classified as Breeding Stock/Identification Status.

2. Horses registered in the Solid Paint-Bred/Breeding Stock Registry are restricted from competition with Regular Registry horses and do not have the same privileges as horses registered in the Regular Registry. See Rules SC-165. and RA-000.D. for restrictions.

2. All Solid Paint-Bred-registered APHA horses are eligible for a competition license allowing them to compete in APHA Regular Registry classes under the following conditions: 

a. DNA parentage verification of identity from an APHA-approved lab is on file with APHA proving the horse as registered. 

b. Genetic Health and Color/Pattern panel testing from an APHA-approved lab must be conducted prior to licensing and are recorded on the horse’s registration papers. 

c. The horse is ineligible for registration with the American Quarter Horse Association or the Jockey Club of North America. 

3. A horse that has a competition license (as noted in RG-020.B.2) may show in Regular Registry classes or Solid Paint-Bred classes, but the horse may only show in one or the other at a given competition. The horse may not change the “type” of class in which they’re participating within a given competition.
 Rules SC-165. and RA-000.D.
ORIGINATORS JUSTIFICATION:  We will continue to lose breeders that are adverse to risk because the potential for failure to produce a viable show horse when compared to AQHA is too high.

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