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Many Apex residents are tired of the negative campaigning and comments that are divisive and tear our community apart.  We can change this and unite the community through positive messaging and support for our choices, instead of dividing the community, isolating different opinions, and shaming people with different preferences.  That's not good for Apex. The day after Town Council elections, Apex should be stronger, not more divided.  This is why we are asking candidates, supporters, friends, family and neighbors to sign on and support this positive campaign pledge.  (It's like 2.5 weeks, you can do it) By signing on you agree that: 

I openly and voluntarily declare and pledge: (1) to all the voters and non voters in the upcoming election for the 2017 Apex Town Council race, (2) to all of my potential future constituents (if I am a candidate), and (3) to all citizens that I will to the best of my ability, honor and keep all the following commitments during this political campaign season:

1. I pledge to participate in only positive political campaigning;

2. If I'm a candidate, I pledge to direct all my paid and unpaid volunteer campaign managers, consultants, ad makers, workers, and supporters to run and to participate in a positive campaign;

3. I pledge to not attack or condemn any candidate's personal character or reputation, in any forums or campaign events, or in any broadcast, print, digital, or internet formats;

4. I pledge to not distort any candidate's record or positions, or take their voting records or positions out of context;

5. If third parties, who support a candidate for office, freely and independently, choose to do negative campaigning, I pledge to publicly ask citizens and voters to toss the campaign literature, or click away from any internet messages that are clearly negative and that clearly violate my intention to participate in a positive political campaign.

I hereby openly and voluntarily declare and pledge to honor and keep all the above commitments. If candidates sign on, I will provide this information in the update section. 


*Not in conjunction with or authorized by any candidate or campaign committee*

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