New Aquatic Centre, Splash Park and Hydrotherapy Pool for Cobram

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The Apex Club of Cobram raised funds in the 1960's for a Caravan Park in Cobram to encourage tourism and visitors. The Caravan Park has recently closed and a Steering Committee has been formed to examine alternative use for this site.

The site adjoins the exciting outdoor swimming pool site which is open seasonally. The caravan park site is several hectares and could be redeveloped as a new Aquatic Centre.This would benefit all groups across the community, including Sports Clubs for alternative training and recovery sessions; schools who could use this to enhance physical education, fitness, swimming competition and learn to swim programmes; Mature age adults and senior citizens for therapeutic group fitness classes and Hydrotherapy sessions; local businesses as residents do not leave the town for additional leisure and recreational opportunities. Families and youth would benefit. A new modern aquatic centre could be built representing a generational opportunity for new community infrastructure, which may benefit all social and demographic groups across the local community.

Personal story
I am a former resident of Cobram, having grown up in the area. I have moved away, however, my father, a number of my siblings and nieces and nephews reside there. I have a passion for the town where I grew up and there s a lack of activities and infrastructure in the town. It has a great community spirit. Having experienced a motor vehicle accident and back injuries, I have benefited from Hydrotherapy and group classes in warm water. I see that Cobram has a population that would benefit from this. In the it benefits from tourists but has competition from other Murray River towns. A splash park as part of a new centre would provide needed recreational and leisure facilities.