Monroe County Residents Request Investigation into 2nd Police shooting & death of Petey.

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We the concerned residents of Monroe County sign this petition in unison as we seek answers and details into the shooting and killing of Petey the Rosario family dog at approximately 4:00 pm on Thursday, March 19th.

Specifically, we are insisting/demanding that the Property/Community Manager of A Pocono Country Place (Cathleen M. Dunn) open a full investigation into the shooting and killing of the Rosario family dog by Pocono Mountain Regional Police on March 19th 2020 (Burnside Drive / D section).

We are petitioning for the following:
1. FULL INVESTIGATION with or without the collaboration of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Dept. or Pennsylvania State Police. This investigation should include a chronological, detailed timeline as to the circumstances that culminated in the untimely death of Petey the Rosario family dog.
2. The TIMELY RELEASE (not to exceed 60 days) of investigation results. Results/findings to be publicized in the A Pocono Country Place monthly newsletter (May or June). 

NOTE: This is the second incident involving a Police officer discharging his or her weapon within this private, gated community within 10 days. The latest incident witnessed an officer firing 7 rounds within close proximity to many homes while neighborhood children played outside. We find it concerning that more restraint was not used in this incident considering the close proximity of both the occupied homes, the Acevedo family members and other residents. Again, we insist the Community Manager make these investigation findings public. 

This will hopefully answer many of the questions that now exist and ease some of the anxiety, tension and fears many of the residents within the community have due to these recent shootings. The unfair reputation of the community should not influence or bias the way it is policed.