Bring back The Milkshake Show!

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From 2008 and until 2011, Milkshake aired a live action preschool series called 'The Milkshake Show'. This show featured the block's presenters - Kemi, Naomi, Beth, Jen and Derek, plus Shake the Dog and Milky the Cat, as they sang, danced, and performed various sketches. Three series were produced, and a DVD with some Series 3 episodes was released in 2012. However, that was the last series produced…

Unless YOU help! If you give this petition 100 signatures, I will send it to Milkshake and you never know - there might be a Series 4 produced. I think it will make a perfect fit amongst the other shows in the recently rebranded Milkshake - especially if the show got a complete refresh. A new intro, new songs, and maybe David, Amy, Olivia and the gang can join Jen, Kemi and Derek! The classic episodes should also be uploaded to YouTube - similar to Bop Box!

Don't forget Milkshakers, it can't happen without YOU!