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The Riverside Superior Court has a considerable history of violating any laws to exercise judicial retaliation. The litigants who are "served" by this court are fed up and demand accountability. The AOC provides funding to the Riverside Superior Court and provides recommendations that the Superior Court is supposed to follow. They don't.

Instead laws are violated, children are irreparably harmed and tortured and parents suffer. The court refuses to allocate a uniform domestic violence standard and allows rampant domestic abuse to continue and refuses to file the relevant litigation and covers up the detrimental actions against parents and their children.

The court instead actually blames the victim in a staged domestic violence summit held at the end of December 2012 where they blamed the victim for the abuse they endure. Participants were put through various domestic violence scenarios including homelessness if they left their abuser.

In that scenario participants who chose or were forced into homelessness lost custody of their children.

In a sweeping statement, that starkly emphasizes blame on the victim, outgoing Presiding Judge Ellsworth opined: “You have to understand that just by saying ‘leave,’ it’s not going to help anything”.

In case IND 098669 the abuse is documented throughout the entire court file which the court refuses to address and in some of the following transcripts:
Transcript 1/29/2010 "I want to make an offer of proof regarding the petitioner's claims that the children are thriving in the present arrangement. The fact is that this week my client provided me with transcripts and tape recordings of the conversations she had with the children that raise serious concerns".
Transcript 7/30/2010: He is verbally abusive to me in front of the children and he is not letting me speak to them"
Transcript 7/15/2013" soon as Mr. XXXXX leaves he will continue and he did make a threat that he left on my voice mail that he would beat me to death. He also engages in obscene, harassing voicemail messages that are unbelievably abusive. He has the children leave the same voice mail messages on my phone and he is making those comments directly in front of my children and is encouraging them to leave those messages on my phone. It's a long history."
The court has failed to protect the mother and her children in this case and allows abuse to escalate out of control. Indeed it is the court's belief that the mother in this case deserved to be subjugated to the other parent's abuse with no end in sight for mother and children.

The rulings in this case have included the following:
1. Mediator's recommendation adopted without agreement in violation of evidence code section 1118-1121 on 12/1/2009. There was no move away request; the father in this case moved the children to a different county on the same day, where no environment was set up for children, despite having a restraining order against him that was in place 14 days previously. The children were sleeping on the floor.
2. The court refused to change the temporary order citing a change of circumstance on a temporary order which violates the Montenegro standard as best interest of the child standard applies to temporary orders.
3. The court appointed evaluator specified that the verbal abuse of the father against the mother and the children is because he is "frustrated" and it appears that the father attempts to portray the mother as mentally ill in order to deport her. No one found anything wrong with these actions.
4. Judge Dale Wells removed all evidence of abuse and detrimental actions by the father against the mother and her children in this case at a custody trial and found the mother least willing to share based on the father's substance abuse, while making an order that he is supposed to abstain from alcohol and drugs while he has the children, the fact that he as a felon was in possession of an unregistered gun, and the mother's activities with the children which consisted of going to church, the library and a museum; a concern to the court. Judge Wells let the testimony of Police Officers and a Deputy Sheriff disappear.
Judge Dale Wells issued children as non noticed sanctions citing an immediate abduction risk based on the mother's national status " You are not you are a permanent resident not a US citizen". "I am not imposing monetary sanctions as the fact that mom is not getting to see her kids is sufficient sanctions"
Judge Wells' long history in this court was displayed in the public outrage and the request to remove him from family law proceedings in the corresponding petition.

Judge Dale Wells in other cases on a repeated basis has removed children from their home state that they were residing in with a parent, on an exparte basis, although he had no jurisdiction and has sanctioned other parents with their children because of a "puppy".

In Maha Abdel Rahim's case (IND 1100236) Judge Wells ordered that the minor child be removed from his mother although the child's home state was Puerto Rico as was the mother's. The evaluation report used by the court specifically specified that the child was living with his mother in Puerto Rico with the consent of the father. During a christmas vacation and the alleged failure to hand over her son to his father due to medical concerns the Riverside Superior Court,  (Judge Tranberger), issued an arrest warrant with a  $ 200,000 bond  against Maha Abdel Rahim in case Case RIF1300021. The bond amount was even excessive by the Court's standards and was based upon the fact that Judge Wells made an order that he had no jurisdiction to make as the child's home state was Puerto Rico.  Maha Abdel Rahim was arrested and spent six days in jail with no arraignment, a mandatory requirement under CA law, within 72 hours after arrest.  The criminal felony abduction charges are still pending in the Riverside Superior Court although the Governor of California has stated that he is not signing an extradition order to CA and the extradition hearing in Puerto Rico was dismissed.

The Riverside Superior court has failed to take action, prefering to perpetuate  and cover up all rulings until the children have aged out of the system, as it is their belief that the litigants that are served by this court are not entitled to constitutional due process or the right to their children.

The malicious and vexatious battery of this court has taken on new heights where the current presiding judge, who is a member of the Judicial Council Trial advisory committee, instructs clerks not to file declarations of certain litigants, in order to cover up the abuse and abduction risk that children are expose to.

We the public demand that the AOC and the State of California remove its funding from this court as the public is not being served by the actions of the court. Instead the court continues with its abuse of power to judicially rape and batter litigants and their children. The best interest of the child standard and the right of parents to their children is ignored, in order to perpetuate a harmful status quo, that should never have been implemented to begin with.

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