Save American Made Blow Mold Decorations

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This petition is meant to bring awareness to the impending closure of General Foam Plastics Company manufacturing in America, maker of seasonal art like the plastic light up nativity, derby snowmen, and many others which have adorned countless yards across the land for decades.
I'm sure many people see the products available on the sites of numerous retailers and may not be aware of how endangered they are.
This petition is intended to entreat other plastic manufacturers or benefactors to consider stepping in to save this tradition, and regardless the outcome is intended to show appreciation for American jobs and appreciation for the talent, creativity, quality, and care the people of General Foam have put into their fine products.
Just as the Cado Comapany stepped up and saved Don Featherstone's pink flamingo and his other beautiful, whimsical creations, I hope someone will see the distinct value in General Foam's creations and continue this American, American-made tradition.