Ohio Department of Transportation takes down Memorial Sign a few weeks after It was put up

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I try to do anything to keep her memory alive. I have a Facebook group for her. I post memories and photos of her there. I had seen signs about the Adopt-A-Highway signs that were in memory of people, so I checked in to it. It was a very simple thing to do. I just knew she would love it. We had the signs put on State Route 40, East. That is where the accident was. Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) was not able to put it exactly there, but it was just down a little further. We didn’t mind that at all. I was ecstatic when I saw the signs. All we have to do is clean up litter for a 2 mile stretch 4 times a year. Not a problem. Well, then we got a call from a gentleman at ODOT and said that the family involved with the accident was complaing that it made them sad to see. They live somewhere on that road. We did not know that. Their neighbors were calling to complain about it, because it hurt their feelings. We came to find out that it was not the people directly in the accident. It was the driver’s parents. We agreed to move the sign up a little further. Although, the parents feelings are irrelevant because they were not in the accident. Our families, my husband, my other two kids and I have to live in pain and sadness for the rest of our lives. My grandson never got to meet her. Looking at signs versus losing a child just makes no sense. There is no comparison to our pain. We received a phone call today that the signs could not be anywhere on St. Rt. 40. My sister-in-law (who was very close to Kelsi) called to complain and we came to find out that the signs were already down. We are all dumfounded and rather lost.

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