Bring a hardware store to Churchill Square!

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With the closure of both Templetons and the Elizabeth Avenue Canadian Tire, St. John's now has nowhere in the central city to pick up basic hardware items. For everything from a rake to a box of nails to a piece of lumber, we have to make our way out to one of the big-box complexes on the edge of town or to the back of the Village Mall. At the same time, the former SaveEasy supermarket in Churchill Square has been sitting empty for six years and counting. Sounds like an opportunity!

This is a call-out to businesspeople of St. John's - if you made a hardware store happen here you would have no competition in a 6+ km radius that contains tens of thousands of residents. You'd be putting a store in a spot with ample parking, one of the city's busiest bus routes going by, and within easy walking and biking distance of the part of the city where the most folks live without a car. It's also right around the corner from the amazing St. John's Tool Library. You'd be filling up an eyesore of a vacant building, and doing the whole community a solid favour. Plus, you'd likely make a good bit of money on it!

To get you thinking about this, we're doing a bit of market research for you for free - just check out all the signatures on this petition!

PS: We know this won't necessarily be easy - as far as anyone knows, Loblaws still owns the building and might not want to part with it - but maybe if the store that opens isn't competition, they'll let it go!