Stop Animal Cruelty to Wildlife Newborough

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We are sick to death of how the people who own the Newborough farm ( Torres St ) can get away with animal cruelty to animals ( Especially Native Australian Animals ). What does it take to have anything done, this is an on going problem for over 18mo, it just seems like no action is taken to resolve the problem, these Emus have been chased around with motorbikes to the point they are dying of stress and Injury from forcing themselves through Barb wired fences, and even MOTORBIKES hitting them. This has got to stop what is this world coming to injurying wildlife for the sake of "Fun". I don't see any fun in this nor does over 1,000 other. This needs to stop it needs to stop NOW


This petition hopefully brings the community together who are fed up with this behaviour,  and make the authority higher up actually put a foot down once and for all.