Remake the East Markham to Tuxford Footway

Remake the East Markham to Tuxford Footway

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Mr John Ogle (County Councillor - Notts County Council)

Why this petition matters

Started by Ian Clarke

The footway from East Markham to Tuxford is a convenient and healthy stroll for local residents in both villages. For the many individuals and families that use it regularly, they will know how over the last few decades the path has deteriorated so badly, that it is impossible for two people (i.e. parent & child) to walk along it side by side. Pushing a pushchair is very difficult, and it is impassable safely with a wheel chair or other mobility aids. 

Many people resort to walking on the road, with their backs to the traffic, it can be incredibly dangerous with the adjacent road being a 60mph limit in places.

For the health and wellbeing of the local community, it is essential that we encourage walking, and this path should be ideal for this purpose. 

The path itself in most places, has crumbled to a very uneven surface, making pushchair wheels flick from side to side, and joggers ankles at risk of twisting.

It would appear that at one stage the path was twice as wide as it is nowadays, but weeds and grass have eaten away at the original tarmac path to narrow it to around one foot in many places.

We want to use this petition to campaign for a complete remake and relay of this foot path, and not the temporary tidy up that we see every few years.

Nottinghamshire County Council has the powers and means to rebuild this footpath if enough people care.

If we don't take action soon, less and less people will use this path, more people will take to their cars, and the path will be all but gone to the grass verge.

246 have signed. Let’s get to 500!