Why the University of Guelph Needs Professor Sharma

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We as students often get immersed in the complexities of the university. For some –  this includes honing in on time management skills during a stressful exam season, managing the soaring costs of living and tuition, and for others – dealing with crippling homesickness and anxiety. Within the sea of student life, it is easy to get lost. Maintaining a strong sense of community amongst this noise comes in the form of the individuals we as students are mentored by, inspired by, and those who fuel our success.

          As a student body, we have been fortunate enough to be taught by Professor Ajay Sharma. His importance to the Univesity of Guelph Community is unfathomable. 

Not only is Professor Sharma an amazing educator, continuously igniting the passion to learn in almost every student he teaches – but he is also an amazing person, who has unconditionally and selflessly dedicated a limitless amount of time to helping students succeed. We want to ensure that professor Sharma will remain at the university for the benefit of future students. 

          Students have felt inspired by him in building themselves up as both academics and contributing members of society. If he were no longer a feature of this University, this would deny the opportunity for many upcoming freshman and youth to foster the same contagious relationship that so many have had the pleasure of having. Professor Sharma’s dedication to the course content and subject matter he teaches, combined with his compassion for creating a healthy, holistic environment for students to thrive – clearly makes him an integral part of the University of Guelph.

           The University of Guelph prides itself on its vast and diverse opportunities for students to be immersed in community life, as well as a place where students are encouraged to provide welcoming spaces, and facilitate each other’s personal growth and intellectual success. Professor Sharma has, without a doubt, reinforced this sense of belonging in every classroom he’s taught in – whether it be Canadian Government and Politics, Law Politics and Judicial Processes, U.S. Politics and Government, Comparative Public Policy and Administration, or Local Governance (among others). It is clear that his presence is a major benefit for the students at the University of Guelph, and he is one of the major reasons why students take courses with the Department of Political Science.

          I encourage and urge all students to show the University how much we appreciate Professor Sharma as a mentor that is appreciated by so many across the community. I even encourage those who are studying different subject areas (or those who may not have had the opportunity to work with Professor Sharma) to still sign this petition.  By doing so, you are supporting an individual who has helped cultivate an atmosphere of wholehearted understanding, acceptance, and compassion among students. While it may seem daunting, I am a strong believer that as a cohesive group we are able to accomplish so much with our voice. With that same voice, we want to tell the University of Guelph that it needs Professor Sharma to be part of its longterm future. 

In signing this petition, you are advocating for Professor Sharma to remain at Guelph so that future students can achieve their dreams.

Elena Shlepova and Deanna Mikkelsen, on behalf of the student body at the University of Guelph