AED Installation in Penn State Residence Halls

AED Installation in Penn State Residence Halls

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There is a vital need to have AED’s installed in residence halls and common areas. Students at Penn State spend the majority of their time in dorm halls and common areas, making defibrillators a necessary addition. Moreover, if there are AED’s in gyms and academic buildings, it is clear that they have value and purpose. The reasoning behind PSU not having AED’s in dorm halls is that an ambulance has them in their vehicles. However, ambulance wait time averages between 6-9 minutes, and if your heart has stopped beating, you only have a 5 minute window span to be revived. 

There are rarely symptoms and almost no forewarning of sudden cardiac arrest. 

The victim has about 5 minutes from time of collapse to have an AED deliver a shock to reset the heart’s rhythm. 

Without an AED within this time, the victim will die.