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BITS Pilani is a premier indian institution.the education standards set by this institute is the reason nobody in the recent years has protested the huge fee hikes. However this year, it has gone over the top, with the structure demanding nearly 2,00,000 INR per student.


As a BITSian, I see this as the downfall of the institute. If the truly talented cannot join the institute because of the exorbitant fee, the institute is going to lose its reputation and with that, cause the downfall of everyone who has ever studied there.


We request everyone in India to come forth and join this protest. Show your dissent on social media with the #FeeHike. Write to the administration. Write to anyone who can represent us in making a change in the money-grubbing attitude of the Indian education system. A nation who's youth are the most in demand all around the world for their education should not have to suffer so much while learning that they end up with the same money-minded nature that the administration has.