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Remove CNN off the airwaves for constantly reporting FAKE NEWS!

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CNN, for many years used to be a reliable news source, but in recent months, especially since Donald Trump became President of the United States, the network has dramatically changed it's focus.

Since Trump became President, CNN has constantly slammed Donald Trump. In fact, a recent report stated that CNN, 93 percent of the time, reports negatives about Trump. This has led to negative criticism from many, as well as Trump himself, who has referred to CNN as "fake news" and more recently "fraud news" CNN had become so bad, that many people want CNN to be taken off the air for good. That is our main goal, to take CNN off the airwaves permanently.

You can help by simply blocking CNN on social media, avoiding CNN's website, and using the V-Chip on your television system to block CNN on TV.

If we all avoid CNN altogether, we can shut it down for good.

Please join me in avoiding CNN, a source for fake news, constant lies, and bias reporting. Together, we can end CNN for good.



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