Repeal Cannabis Prohibition in NZ

Repeal Cannabis Prohibition in NZ

2 February 2021
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Anyone who believes we have the right to choose for ourselves
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kelly PAtchett

We are asking people who agree that the prohibition laws on cannabis use and who can grow it are outdated and need to change to sign our petition here online.

Here is a copy/paste copy of the letter being sent to Jacinda Adern 


Repeal Cannabis Prohibition NZ
To Our Prime Minister,
Dear Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern,
For over 45 years, the Cannabis Community
of Aotearoa has, in contravention of the Human Rights Act, suffered unjust,
unfair discrimination, marginalisation, persecution, prosecution, and
criminalisation, simply because they used cannabis. You have loudly
proclaimed, "We will be a party that governs for every New Zealander!" and
this Community of around (including Medicinal) 700,000 deserves more
humane treatment.
On behalf of those who, like yourself, know that cannabis prohibition has
failed and a new approach is necessary, we submit the following for your
Repeal Cannabis prohibition and remove cannabis from the Misuse of
Drugs Act. Removing the fear will allow Cannabis Consumers to engage
honestly and openly, providing factual data leading to a more balanced
approach to managing cannabis in Aotearoa.
No matter what moves are made regarding Cannabis Law Reform, cannabis
will continue to be grown, sold, and be available to our vulnerable young
We must begin to provide some protection for our young people so set an
immediate age restriction in line with present substance restrictions.
Acknowledge education and wellness over incrimination and punishment
for Cannabis use.
In order to transition from an illegal to a legal market, provide an amnesty
for current cannabis growers who are willing to register their businesses,
and pay tax on this income.

Urgent attention must be given to providing for the needs of the medicinal
cannabis community and, as they are the most knowledgeable and experi-
enced in Aotearoa, recognize 'Green Fairies' as, Medicinal Cannabis Profes-
sionals and establish support for medicinal cannabis research and best-
Establish an educative think tank that will engage with both, the cannabis
community and with the Government to promote meaningful discussions
that will map a sensible path forward. The status quo is the most
unsatisfactory and unacceptable conclusion to the referendum.
The people have given you the mandate that you have because they have
faith that you will do what is best for Aotearoa. There is no other change
that would produce a more beneficial effect for our country, and the hope
is that ultimately, their faith that the government will do the right thing by
the people will be rewarded.
Kind regards,
Repeal Cannabis Prohibition NZ

Signed by all those in New Zealand and abroad who agree


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Signatures: 2,817Next goal: 5,000
Support now