Amendments for Adoption of Syrian Children By Indian Citizen

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Respected Readers, 

We all know the sad situation Syria. My heart is not willing to get in researching the numbers of people died and the number of orphans. Past few days the dreadful fate of Syrian citizen and especially their children have torn me. 

I believe as a fellow human, we need to come forward to aid them in whichever way possible and one of which I believe is to adopt war orphans from Syria. 

Objective - To Shelter Syrian Children.

Disclaimer - I know, that India is crowded. I know we have our own problems to sort out. I also know that there are maybe more orphans in India itself whom we should care for first. But we are not in a state of war and anarchy. Our borders are safe and our land grows surplus amounts of food. Maybe just maybe this once, we have a moral duty. Even though we may not be the richest country to provide shelter, but we sure have large hearts to embrace them.

Suggested Action Plan

  1. Make amendments to rescue Syrian children and citizen to India or closest refugee camps. 
  2. Organise groups of NGOs/Government officials who can foresee the operation of shelter and rescue.
  3. Make an online portal where children from these camps can be registered and willing and capable families, with a proper background check can be allowed to adopt them/provide them. 
  4. This can be extrapolated to other countries who are willing to share the same view. - But I'll represent India first.


Any intelligent programme that fits in resolving the above objective in case of improvisation can/should be taken in action.